BMW launched a new electric car --- i3

BMW launched a new electric car --- i3

BMW launched a new pure electric car i3, which at first sounded to be the original small electric car, but in fact, this is a BMW electric car derived from the 3 series, so we have to buy it and take it apart. At present, there is only one car, the 2022 eDrive 35 L.

The design style is not much different from the gasoline version of the 3 Series, because it is an electric model, so the front air intake grille in the shape of a "double kidney" has become a closed one.

The headlights are LED high and low beams, with automatic headlights, and adaptive high beams need to be optional.

The size of the vehicle is 4872x1846x1481 mm and the wheelbase is 2966 mm, which is a little larger than the gasoline version of the 3 Series. This car is equipped with two charging ports, fast charging, and slow charging, which are located at the front and rear of the car. When charging, it is very inconvenient to see the charging equipment first, and then park the vehicle correctly.

The rear of the car is no different from the current gasoline version of the 3 Series, and the fake exhaust port shape is used to "cover people's eyes and ears".

The trunk space has not shrunk because it is an electric car, it is about the same size as the gasoline 3 series, and even the lower storage space is larger.

Interior design

The interior of this i3 is BMW's latest design. The most notable changes are that the central control screen and instrument panel have become curved dual screens, and the gear lever has become a small lever.

The visual experience of the dual screen is great, and there will be no strong reflection.

The steering wheel is still the usual style of the current BMW, with the "M Sport" logo at the bottom.

The instrument panel is a 12.3-inch full LCD screen with rich display content and multiple interfaces that can be switched.

The central control screen is a 14.9-inch touch screen, equipped with a BMW iDrive8.0 system. There is no problem with the fluency and smoothness of the interface. It is the current mainstream flat card design and supports function customization. The bottom layer of the car is the Linux system, which has a very fast response speed.

At the bottom of the screen are virtual keys, which can control the audio and air conditioning. The original 8 custom shortcut keys have been canceled.

The cup holder has a USB port and a 12V power port. There is also a storage compartment inside, where you can put your phone, but the bigger ones really can't fit in.

The electronic shift lever has become a small lever, and now many European models, such as Volkswagen and Citroen, like to use this "lotus finger" shift lever.

Seat space

The seats are all leather-wrapped, very soft and fit, and they are very comfortable to sit on. Now the domestic BMW has abandoned the traditional European hard design in terms of seats.

The wheelbase of this car reaches 2966 mm, so the space in the rear is very abundant, which is the same as that of the 5 series. There are independent air-conditioning outlets and control buttons in the rear. The rear center floor has a very high bulge the car has evolved from the gasoline 3 Series.

The car has an opening panoramic sunroof.

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