How to use and add Android Auto in car?

How to use and add Android Auto in car?

Our mobile phones add so much to our lives, connect with people, enrich our entertainment and make a big difference in our daily lives. At the same time, cars have also brought great convenience to our lives, but because of this, there are many cases of accidents caused by the use of mobile phones while driving.

Google has come up with another solution — a system that seamlessly integrates phones into cars, allowing us to use our favorite apps without taking our eyes off the road. Android Auto is an android function specially designed for cars launched by Google, which aims to replace the car manufacturer's native in-vehicle system to execute android applications and services and access and access android mobile phone content.

How to use android auto?

The smartphone should run with Android 6.0 or above. Your car's radio or infotainment system must also be compatible. Some vehicles only support CarPlay and do not support Android Auto. You can add the Android auto system to the vehicle through an Android Auto adapter.

  • Install the latest android auto app through your phone's google play store
  • Start the car
  • Turn on mobile WIFI and Bluetooth
  • Plug the phone with a cable into the car's USB port
  • Review and accept the Android Auto security notice and terms and conditions.
  • Select the Android Auto app that appears on the car's display.
  • Follow the on-screen tips on-screen and complete the setup.

Android Auto: Key Features


With Android auto, you don't need to hold your phone and type addresses to navigate, get real-time navigation with Google Maps, Waze, and more of your favorite mapping apps. Just say: Hey Google to get your way.

Call and chat

Google Assistant supports most chat apps to read your messages out loud. You can sent message or make a call by voice command. Always keep your eyes on the road.


Android Auto supports all popular music streaming apps and control it all with your voice. Pause your playlist and pick up where you left off. Just talk to start from the last music or a new audio book.

Android Auto: Pros & Cons


Android Auto is a great way to use your phone apps while driving. It brings most popular apps to car's screen and keeps all factory control functions, voice command, steering wheel button, and touch screen.  


The original intention of Google to launch this function is to provide convenience and safe driving, so it does not open all applications, and blocks all the visible entertainment apps, such as games and video streaming medias, which greatly reduces its entertainment function.

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