How to play YouTube on Apple CarPlay

How to play YouTube on Apple CarPlay

The tutorial that let you know how to watch videos on Apple CarPlay

It is well known that all entertainment apps except for some basic functions of the Apple CarPlay system are not allowed to be added to the CarpPay, which is indeed a correct approach for driving safety, but when your car is in a non-driving state, Playing movies in the car is allowed.

In August 2022, the latest wireless CarPlay adapter appeared. Compared with all adapters on the market, this adapter has a new hardware upgrade and added the latest functions. Interested guys can learn more about other functions. Here we mainly talk about how to use video apps such as YouTube and Netflix on CarPlay.

First, you have to get a compatible adapter (this is the fastest way)

Here are a few adapters that allow you to use YouTube and Netflix on Apple CarPlay (for your reference)

  1. Premier Box
  2. AI Box
  3. Superb Mini AI Box (2022 at the latest)

I use Superb Mini AI Box to start the tutorial

After plugging in the box, the adapter already has YouTube and Netflix apps in it, and you have two other channels to choose from.

  1. Screen projection
  2. Open Google Play to download YouTube, Netflix, and other apps you like

Which channel to use depends on which system you use

  1. Adapter system
  2. CarPlay
  3. Android Auto

This adapter is a good solution to the problem of matching the phone and the system, no matter which systems you use, all connect via Bluetooth.

Take Porsche as an example, if you use an Android phone, you will not be able to use your phone to connect with CarPlay. Would you change to an iPhone in order to use CarPlay? If you are using an iPhone, but you are used to using Android Auto, would you choose to replace your phone with an iPhone? One adapter will be able to solve these problems because it carries three systems, so you have more choices.

Tip: For your own safety, please do not use any entertainment APP while driving.

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