Porsche's updated PCM 6.0 comes with wireless Android Auto

Porsche's updated PCM 6.0 comes with wireless Android Auto

 “Does Porsche offer Android Auto™?”

Yes, Porsche announced a new version of its infotainment system PCM 6.0 standard on 2022 Porsche 911, Cayenne, Taycan, and Panamera models. It brings a new design with wireless Android Auto, revised user interface, Music integration, and an upgraded Track Precision app. 

Wireless Android Auto

The core advantage of the PCM infotainment update is wireless Android Auto. Staying connected and having handsfree is important behind the wheel. There are no plans to update PCM 6.0 on Porsche 718, Cayman and Boxster and wireless Android Auto is only applied on 2022 models with PCM 6.0.

AA wireless Android Auto adapter is the solution, provides wireless Android Auto to all Porches vehicles with existing PCM 6.0 that have no wireless connection capability and for all Porsche models with no Android Auto in car but with CarPlay-compatible feature.

Porsche wireless Android Auto adapter

Revised User Interface

Say "Hey Porsche" actives the system easier to access several functions. These include news, climate control, the operating manual and in-car music streaming. The navigation system can now quickly update routes and tell the driver how much traffic are experiencing on certain roads to help reduce commute times.

Porsche PMC 6.0 Voice control

Integration of Music

Music integration allows drivers to access their Apple music, Spotify songs and podcast even without their phone in the car, as long as previous signed in Music account.

Track Precision App

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