What features will Apple CarPlay upgrade in 2022?

What features will Apple CarPlay upgrade in 2022?

At the WWDC 2022 conference held in the early morning of June 7th, Beijing time, Apple released iOS 16 and made a very big update to the CarPlay system. It is mainly reflected in 3 aspects:
  1. In addition to the central control screen, almost all screens in the car can be controlled, including the dashboard screen in front of the steering wheel and the entertainment screen in front of the co-driver. It also supports a one-meter-long fish screen covering the entire front row.
  2. In addition to functions such as map navigation and music entertainment, it has added a new addition to take over most of the electronic functions in the car. After connecting with the vehicle through a private and secure protocol, the iPhone can also obtain information such as vehicle speed, fuel level, temperature, etc., and then display it on the car screen through CarPlay. Car radio, air conditioning, and other functions can also be controlled directly through CarPlay
  3. The interactive experience is more flexible. A variety of personalization options have been added, including widgets and a selection of dashboard designs that owners can customize. Interaction design is Apple's forte, and the iPhone has led people's mobile lives for more than a decade.

Apple CarPlay system has been greatly updated

Two points to watch:
One, Apple is undoubtedly strengthening its influence in the automotive field.
Apple said at the press conference that 98% of cars in the United States can use CarPlay, and 79% of American consumers say they will only buy cars that support CarPlay. The penetration rate is still pretty scary.
There are also Huawei's HiCar and Baidu's CarLife in China, which are similar to Apple's CarPlay, but the brand approval rate and user experience of car companies are still worse than CarPlay.

Wireless Apple Carplay

Apple's official website announced that CarPlay is suitable for more than 600 models, covering almost all mainstream car companies and models. Many models have also supported the use of the iPhone as a car key since last year, which can be used to unlock and start the vehicle, and share the car key with family or friends as a message. In addition, domestic applications such as AutoNavi Maps, Baidu Maps, and NetEase Cloud Music have also been adapted.

The newly updated CarPlay continues to strengthen its grip on the industry.
Second, although the Apple Car has not yet been unveiled, some clues can be seen from CarPlay.

Some people will say that the new cars are getting smarter and smarter, and the unified car-machine system and the integration degree must be stronger for Apple as a mobile phone manufacturer, such as Tesla, Xiaopeng, Weilai, Ideal, BYD, and even Huawei Hongmeng OS car-machine system Wait, you can't use CarPlay at all, because the car system is more comprehensive and powerful than it.

2022 Apple CarPlay upgrade

Of course, CarPlay is not the focus of the iOS system, and the introduction of CarPlay only took up to 3 minutes during the 2-hour press conference at WWDC.
Perhaps, Apple's car road has not been particularly clear, just as Apple is as cautious about AR and VR, people are disappointed that Apple did not have any clear announcement in this regard at this conference.

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