Why you need to install a wireless charger in your car

Why you need to install a wireless charger in your car

The rapid development of science and technology has led to the continuous emergence of many new products, which has brought great convenience to our daily life. Compared with traditional wired charging, car wireless chargers have many advantages. It is precise because of these advantages of car wireless chargers that more and more consumers can't put them down.

1. Flexible and convenient. Compared with ordinary chargers, it reduces the trouble of unplugging and plugging. It is very flexible. It can be charged as long as it is placed on it, which is simple and convenient to use.

2. Universal. Wireless chargers have relatively high requirements for interfaces. Different mobile phone models may have different interfaces, but car wireless chargers are not so troublesome. For all brands, all types of mobile phones are universal, as long as the It can be charged on them, there is no socket, and you will not be picky about any smartphone.

3. Three major standards. At present, there are three main standards for car wireless chargers for mobile phones. The first standard is the qi standard, which is the first standard organization in the world to promote wireless charging technology. It adopts electronic induction technology and has the two characteristics of compatibility and versatility.

The second major standard is the PM standard, which can create a wireless power supply standard and occupy a leading position in the field of wireless power supply. The 4th a4wp standard is a dialogue mechanism for wireless charging device technologies, standards, and industries for electronic products including portable electronic products and electric vehicles.

Now let's choose the best wireless charger for your vehicle.

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