2018 Toyota 4Runner Speedmaster TRD Off Road 4x4

2018 Toyota 4Runner Speedmaster TRD Off Road 4x4

4Runner is an off-road vehicle that Toyota only sells in the United States and Canada. It is called Speedmaster in China, also called Furina (transliteration). There are six models in total. As a brother of Prado, it is not well-known in some countries. Little is known about it. At the 2018 North American Auto Show, the 2018 Toyota 4Runner was officially unveiled. The new car added two TRD Off-Road configuration models, both of which will be launched in overseas markets this year. 4Runner is a pickup-based off-road SUV.

2018 4runner

In terms of appearance, the open-mouthed air intake grille makes the Speedmaster very powerful. There is also a thick body-colored lower surrounding guard plate under the grille, which looks very wild as a whole. The headlights are closely connected to the grille, and the headlights look very fierce and domineering. The 20-inch large wheels are equipped with forged wheels, which are very solid, and there is almost no problem in hitting rocks. They are matched with off-road tires, which can adapt to various road conditions and provide good friction.

From the side, the whole body shape of the 4Runner looks more square, and the square wheel frame design also looks tougher, and the wide D-pillar adds a bit of a tough guy's taste, but again, this guy is compared to the Prado. Really a lot more delicate, in terms of body size. It is a standard five-seat, seven-seat option, but the trunk is relatively high, the optional third row must be very narrow, and the trunk of the five-seat car has a large storage compartment. The body lines are flat and the boxy feeling adds a different kind of scenery to the road where the streamlined body is flooded.

In terms of the interior of Toyota 4Runner, the center control panel adopts more silver chrome design. In order to improve the grade, the 4Runner also installs wood grain trim in the interior. The center control is black as a whole, which matches with the orange of the seats. Dilutes the sense of home, but it is more sporty and the color matching is more resistant to dirt. The design of the overall central control is a Toyota family-style design. It is easy to read and use on this level of off-road SUVs, and it is strong and durable.

Configuration: its safety equipment is still very complete, standard VSC (body stability control system), TRAC (traction control system), ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (electronic brake force distribution), BA (auxiliary brakes) System), SST (dual clutch), TPMS (tire pressure detection), RSCA (rollover induction airbag protection), etc., the appearance is not much different from the high-end models. In terms of interior configuration, the multimedia display system, multi-function steering wheel, electric seat adjustment, and fabric seats are also readily available. Main and co-pilot power seats, power adjustable heated rearview mirrors, power door locks, reversing camera, exterior temperature display, rear power windows, rear privacy glass, auto-dimming interior mirrors, multi-function steering wheel, Bluetooth control , map lights, welcome lights, carpets, floor mats, cruise control, front and rear cup holders.

Different from the Prado, the power specification of the 4runner model is very simple. It adopts a 4.0L V6 naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 201 (kw), and its maximum output power can reach 270 horsepower and a peak torque of 384 Nm. In addition, it can also be equipped with another four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.7L, with a maximum output of 157 horsepower and a peak torque of 246 Nm. The transmission is still equipped with the old and firm five-speed automatic transmission. Different from the full-time four-wheel drive of the Prado series, the 4Runner (Speedmaster) uses a time-sharing four-wheel drive system.

But the 2018 4runner does not support wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, and if you want to convert wireless, you have to rely on some wireless adapters

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