How to connect and use the CARPLAY function of various models of Mercedes-Benz

How to connect and use the CARPLAY function of various models of Mercedes-Benz

GLA GLE GLS CAL CLS A B C GLC and other models connection method

The central control Audio 20 system of these models operates basically the same.
  1. The first step is to see if there is a mobile phone and tablet logo on the USB port of the vehicle. This interface may be on the side of the cigarette lighter, or it may be in the center armrest box.
  2. In the second step, use the knob to click the phone menu on the screen twice, or you can directly press the TEL button on the panel twice, and the phone function interface will appear on the screen.
  3. The third step, insert the original Apple data cable into the USB port shown in the first picture, and insert the other end into the Apple mobile phone. Generally speaking, CarPlay will start automatically. After startup, the interface of the mobile phone and the car is as shown in the following two pictures. Show. Note that the data cable must be original or officially certified by Apple.
  4. The fourth step, after CarPlay is activated, you can lock the phone screen and use the car's knob or Siri to control CarPlay navigation, phone calls, listening to music and other functions. In addition, if it prompts "How to enable Apple CarPay after" during the startup process, please select automatic, otherwise it will not start automatically the next time you connect. If it fails to start automatically, please refer to Section 3.3 to set it up.

Mercedes-Benz E-class connection method

For Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars that were shipped after September 2015, the original car has its own CarPlay. The E-Class's large screen makes CarPlay really feel very elegant.

  1. The first step, click on the "connection" menu on the screen, then push the knob to the right, you can see CarPlay
  2. The second step is to connect the mobile phone and the USB interface of CarPlay with a data cable, and then you can start CarPlay.
  3. The third step, after CarPlay is activated, you can turn off the phone screen, and then use the knob or Siri to control CarPlay.

If your phone is an Android phone, what should you do if you want to use wireless Android Auto?

The answer is simple, all you need is an AI Wireless Adapter for AA CarPlay, the AI ​​CarPlay Box is an adapter that provides wireless connectivity to existing CarPlay and Android Auto-enabled infotainment systems. It embeds the open Android 11.0 operating system in the car, allowing to cast your phone screen and download any app to the car display.

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